The Art/The Artist

What’s new, to you? What haven’t you tried yet? And how often do you ask, “What if I  — ?” We’re all new to something and humanity is hard-wired to wonder: “What if?” Visual art is, at its core, the realization of what we experience in our world and within ourselves. Do you know that instant when a color changes its song and a shadow shifts its boundaries, when what was old becomes new, and that delicious moment when what you experience becomes visible – in one fashion or another – to the rest of the world? Then you know my driving force. 

I create paintings and contemporary mixed media images (including multi-layered traditional media/hybrid pieces compiled within a digital platform). My work is often spontaneous, emerging from the abstract vibrations of colors/shapes/textures and representing my exploration of the relationship between visual clarity and visual boundaries. I’m happiest when I’m experimenting to combine new techniques and materials with traditional ones.



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