Art Stuff

Miscellaneous stuff: 2 unfinished pieces, one mask, and a pack of lovely translucent paper that never works well with anything (but sounded like a good idea when I bought it).

When I mentioned to a friend that I was planning to get this website fired up again, he asked me what my first post would be. I told him the usual: “Hey, World! It’s me – I do art – blah, blah, blah.” He said that was everyone did and it might be boring, that I’m NOT boring, and ought to do something else. “Show them your stuff,” he said, and I know he meant that I should [somehow] convey to you that my work and I are interesting enough to remember.  But, hey! Why not take what he said literally? So, I’m showing you random shots of my art stuff. If you like art you may also enjoy peeking at the tools and materials other people use. I know I do. Next week I’ll share the software/implements I often use for digital compilations (“mashups”), including the images that worked together to form one cohesive piece. Cyber stuff!

Ooo…gooey stuff! Plus: inks, brushes, chalk, pastels, charcoals, applicators, knives. 
Pointy stuff in mugs.

Fingertips and Tips


I’ll do just about anything to avoid using a paintbrush. Brushes unnerve me. So many kinds, so difficult to control, impossible to keep clean, and expensive. They’re great, sure, and I use them – when I have to. But if not brushes, then what?

Hands! Fingertips! Paper towels, paper towel tubes, old toothbrushes. Knives! And, for those who want to repurpose piles of pointless plastic: credit cards, old drivers licenses, identity cards, and membership cards!

Here’s my stash of cards:

Big cards, little cards. And they’re all free. They’re also washable. Bendable, with fine edges. Interested in seeing a video of how I use them? Stay tuned. I’ll post one soon.

Also – I need to give credit to the wonderful artist who told me that cards can be useful: her name is Cindy Schnackel – and if you aren’t already familiar with her work, go take a look. It’s brilliant!